White Nights in Saint Petersburg are gone!

This year White Nights conference was finally proper. Not only they had us, but also Saint Petersburg is THE white nights. At last the natural phenomenon, which attracts tourists from all over the world to come visit Saint Petersburg resonates with the name of the game industry event. Apparently the organizers woke up one day and realized that White Nights and Moscow is oxymoron like Android and usability (joke) and put it where it belonged - to the self-proclaimed cultural capital of mother Russia. Thumbs up! So we put ourselves on our best behavior and put on our most cultural suits. I even thought about getting a monocle to mix in with the locals, couldn't find one though.

Couple of drinks later and I'm ready to move further with our story. So the first day slapped us in the face with a hard rain, would be a bummer if I had a monocle on. I would've lied if I told you that this was my first game event, but it was the first event where we were actually showing something. This time it was something that we were proud about. Thousands of hours of blood and sweat and occasional hard work have integrated into an alpha version of Silent Streets that we were so happy to introduce to you. And also into 2 and a half extra gallons of blood and sweat. We've put our souls into the Silent Streets and you've responded! We couldn't even think about so many people queuing at our stand in developers zone! So apologies to those who couldn't get through the line and test our game. For those who have spent their time in a queue and had a chat with us - thank you so much for your support, you've made our day! And we hope we've entertained you with some quality sh.. product. And we promise to do our best to keep giving you the best detective game we could. We also would love to thank the White Nights event organizers for giving us such amazing opportunity to road show our game! Hats off! My story has come to its end, we're leaving Saint Petersburg with joy in our hearts and hope to see you all again soon! If it feels so good with all this being said is it safe to assume that Saint Petersburg is a best place to leave? And come back. Stay tuned!