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We are Fun bakers


Сontrary to the popular "three is a crowd" group dynamics we strongly believe in a "three of a perfect pair" approach in everything we do as a company. Connecting Saint Petersburg, the cultural heart of Russia, with Samara, the heartland of Russian beer, we are steadily moving towards Dublin, the European beer capital of IT and good music. Every boyband has a smart guy, a good-looking guy and a bad boy on board. We have Demid Tishin, an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in IT as a CEO of a successful company, he's at the bright side of the company. On the dark side we have Ilya Moshkov, who is trying to look bad-ass but still being a white collar business school alumnus. And on the side that actually works we have Alex Nitz, an American-educated medicine doctor, who is there because it's cool to have a real doctor in your team and because he happens to be a talented art director.

We want to make cool games that actually do matter!       


Demid Tishin - game design/CEO - demid@funbakers.com

Alex Nitz - art/game design - alex@funbakers.com

Ilya Leyb - marketing/investor relations - ilya@funbakers.com



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